Whole house remodelsWhen a home seems to have outlived its usefulness or looks hopelessly out-of-date, homeowners often think about turning to a realtor. However, a whole house remodel is another option that allows families to stay in the neighborhood they’ve grown to love while completely redefining their home.

Room Additions and RenovationsNSCI enjoys the challenge of expanding a home to add space a family needs or wants. We have the ability to make the addition look seamless with the rest of a home, not only adding space but also architectural character.

Finished CarpentryWith our skilled experts, NSCI can create or match existing wood trim, hang doors and trim windows, install crown moldings, cabinet fascia, and columns, create and install beautiful custom stairwell railings, fireplace mantels, or built-in entertainment centers, and add exquisite finishing touches to any project.