“We hired Frank for our extensive interior remodel of our home. Prior to Frank, we worked with two contractors in a short period of time. Both were nightmare experiences for us. We were wary while looking for contractor number three and Frank was patient with us as we screened him. He saw as through the remodel of our home- which included extensive structural work, new walls, plumbing and electrical. He was always available to us throughout the project for questions and responded to issues in a timely manner. Frank was able to stick to his budget, and the few change orders were given to us promptly when they arose and they made sense. Frank’s workers were pleasant and trustworthy and we never had any issues with them either. We would recommend Frank in a heartbeat and plan on contacting him for our future work.”


The team from North South helped me with a significant remodel of my Victorian home in San Francisco. They removed a structural wall between my kitchen and living room to create a larger family room, as well as renovating an entire floor to create two new bedrooms with fabulous en suite bathrooms. They also helped manage the relationship with the city planning department.

They built modern storage cupboards in the dining room to blend into their Victorian surroundings, as well as replicating existing finishes into the lobby.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of their work, the great sub-contractors they selected and managed, and their follow-up after the project.


I highly recommend North South Construction. I have used their services as a contractor for all of our remodelling jobs over the past 8 years. They have remodelled 5 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 closet with custom made shelving, 1 garage storage system; and they have repaired and replaced all of our exterior window frames, painted the exterior of our entire house, installed a new roof; and currently they are building a Pool House for us. Additionally, they have worked with us on repairing or replacing old kitchen ceilings and plumbing when we experienced leaks. They have done a superb job on everything and their pricing is extremely fair. They do a good job of anticipating costs up front, so there are no surprises along the way. They are very professional and friendly to work with; their workmanship is of very high quality, and they are extremely reliable. I am happy to recommend North South Construction for any of your building needs, large or small.


I was the architect on a project that North South built: an extensive interior remodel with some minor exterior work. Frank and Kieran (and their team) did an incredible job of not only building everything to a high level of quality, but doing it all with a very sympathetic and accessible manner with the owners.

The project was of a very modern style but set in the context of a fairly traditional suburban home in Los Altos, CA. North South was able to execute a very tightly detailed design that also required a bit of site “design-build”. They offered great feedback and ideas, and brought an optimism and creativity to the project that’s hard to find.

Even after having worked with dozens of contractors and having built projects of my own, I think North South are still tops on my list of people to call for high-quality, high-value work. It speaks volumes that the owners are very happy with the project and also recommend Frank to their friends.